WBEZ Radio Interview

Dr. Patrick Corrigan is interviewed on WBEZ radio about strategies for addressing physical health needs of people with serious mental illness, including his funded peer navigator pilot studies.

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Stigma and Health Journal

Patrick Corrigan is now Editor-in-Chief of APA's new journal Stigma and Health. Stigma and Health publishes peer-reviewed, original research articles that may include tests of hypotheses about the form and impact of stigma, examination of strategies to decrease stigma's effects, and survey research capturing stigma in populations. Stigma and Health especially welcomes research studies on methods meant to erase the stigma of mental and physical illnesses. Theoretical reviews and pioneering reports on innovations are also welcome.

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2017 Together Against Stigma Conference

Join us in preparing for the highly anticipated "Together Against Stigma" taking place Sept 20-22 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

2017 Together Against Stigma Announcement

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Health Disparities Articles

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